Actor Resources – ATL

There are more and more new actors who arrive in the Atlanta area every year. On one hand, that means there are always lots of fun, gregarious people to hang out with; on the other hand, it means there is a ton of competition for actors, with more coming all the time. Actors have their own unique obstacles to overcome – professionally, emotionally, intellectually, and more – so we wanted to provide a section of resources for all things thespian.

Check out some of the resources below, and don’t forget to dive into our list of Recommended Books for actors. And if you run across other resources that would be good to include here, let us know!

Acting Answers: A site where actors can ask questions about the biz.

Acting Biz: A site about actors by actors.

The Acting Resource Guru: Listing all acting workshops in LA and NYC (according to the site).

Actor Genie: Find out what’s casting, who’s casting it, where to find representation, plus valuable tips from top actors, directors, writers and casting directors.

Amy Jo Berman: Offering advice and webinars on all things acting.

Casting About: For doing your homework on casting directors.

Hollywood Auditions: Talent database and casting resources. Lots of info and links.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb): Use it to find anybody who is anybody in the film and television industries. Or to see what your Bacon Number is.

Masterclass: Featuring (among others) classes on acting by Ron Howard, Helen Mirren, and Dustin Hoffman.

Rehearsal: For help learning your lines, memorizing your scenes, and exploring your characters.

Showfax: A great site for printing out sides and finding articles on professional acting.

The Wrap: Covering daily entertainment news.


PerformerTrack: Easily log and manage all of your contacts, expenses, bookings, workshops, classes, and more.


Actor Rated: It’s like Yelp for actors, reviewing and rating classes, headshot photographers, and more.

Rogue Improv Class: Classes, tips, and training for improvisation.