Accountability Access

Are you pursuing a career in the arts & entertainment industry but find yourself lacking the willpower, motivation, or initiative to pursue full success? A lot of people dream about their goals — without any clue how to achieve them. Maybe they postpone or avoid essential tasks, knowing full well they were exactly what was needed to make real progress in their careers.

All creative artists struggle with finding and taking the steps to move forward in their careers. But why? The answer can be complicated, but it usually includes some measure of fear, doubt, and a lack of accountability. In this business, there’s often no one to help motivate us but ourselves. What is really needed to move forward are 1) realistic and specific goals, and 2) an accountability coach to help reach those goals.

And this is where our new Accountability Access Program comes in! This eight-week program is for creative professionals at every level, with a focus on setting clear-sighted goals, all while having an accountability coach to help accomplish those goals — better, faster, and smarter. 


Regular: $50 • Member: $35