Coaching & Mentoring

Feeling stuck or needing some help strategizing the next steps of your creative career? Set up some time with one of our coaches and mentors – either face-to-face or through a video chat – to figure out what you can do next to keep moving forward!

We highly recommend that before you ask for a meeting with a mentor or coach that you go through a Hollywood Connect Navigation Session first. A lot of your questions will be answered there, and that will leave time for more individualized questions when you do have the opportunity to meet with the coach or mentor. So when you contact us regarding a meeting, don't be surprised if we ask you to go to a Navigation Session first.

Once you've done that, we're happy to set up a meeting with one of our mentors or coaches! You will meet at a restaurant or coffee shop, most likely with a mentor or coach of the same gender. All you have to do is 1) come armed with specific questions (nothing is worse for a mentor when you haven't done your homework!), and 2) be ready to pay for the coffee or meal a sign of gratitude for the mentor's time.

And speaking of time, be considerate of the mentor's time constraints. The mentor will set aside an hour to meet with you, and then it will be up to him/her whether to keep going and whether he/she is able to meet again. Remember that our mentors have families and jobs and other things to tackle too, so they may not be able to continue to meet with you as part of a long-term mentorship. All the more reason to come with your questions prepared!