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Fall 2023

We love sharing new projects, gear, books, and more that we think The Greenhouse community will find as fun and intriguing as we do. Want to hunt down some of the stuff we showed you in the Fall 2023 issue of Creative Life? Check these out!

Here are the success stories of individuals who started their careers by first overcoming setbacks and shortcomings.

To stand out, you have to be yourself. And that often means being true to your unique, God-given gift of weird.

The Revivalists’ indie rock Pour It Out Into the Night captures the essence of dusting yourself off after a hard fall.

In this tense thriller series, a corporate negotiator must talk down both hijackers and passengers on a plane locked on a collision course with London.

For your video podcasts, here’s an easy-to-use teleprompter that mounts on a tripod and works with a computer tablet.

Bob Dylan reinvents his songs for a live studio recording with beautiful arrangements that add new emotions to the music.

The Greenhouse loves helping people find the right gear and equipment for their creative endeavors. We value your trust in us, so when we make recommendations, we provide links only to those products and services we truly believe in. Some links on this page are “affiliate links”. When these links are used for purchases, they provide a small commission to The Greenhouse, which helps us continue to provide you great resources.

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