Cameron Dunbar

Cameron Dunbar was born in Long Beach California before quickly moving to the Midwest. Spending most of his life outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Cameron became obsessed with cinema, music, and theatre, finding any opportunity to engage in these pursuits. Cameron’s interest in cinema led him to photography, working for his midwest university, creating images to use for promotion and documentation. As he began to develop his own vision, he relocated to New York City to hone his skills, producing multiple avant-garde short films, collaborating with the Lee Strasberg Institute, and working with successful commercial and cinema production companies.

It was while living in New York that Cameron produced the bulk of his street photography that would later be exhibited in Beverly Hills, under the title “Finding Light.” After a brief return to Cleveland to self-produce the independent film “That’s Why You Don’t Want Me”, Cameron repositioned himself again in Los Angeles, tightening his vision for fashion and portrait photography. “I love the visual freedom that fashion allows while still serving a product; it’s the merger of fine art and commercialism, it forces you to adapt. In portraiture you are tied to the essence of the person, you are always serving that, you exist to serve who they are – not force them into your box.” Since his move Cameron has collaborated with, and created content for, The American Film Institute, The Sundance Institute, Venia Collection, Betsy Flores Jewlery, and numerous other designer brands, in addition to being commissioned to produce and direct work for multi-billion dollar corporations.

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