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Our members are the heart of what keeps The Greenhouse growing. From industry pros to up and comers and new arrivals; we strive to serve the the best we can. Check out some of the great things folks are saying:

John Over, Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Director & Designer, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Clifford the Big Red Dog - photo head shot

John Over

Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Director & Designer

“The Greenhouse is a shining example of what the creative community in Los Angeles could and should be doing to nurture and support new talent in the business of storytelling! Shun Lee and the members of his creative team put a warm and responsive face on a business that often seems faceless and unresponsive…Come be a part of defining this new world with your creative family at The Greenhouse”

Erik Kritzer, Talent Manager, Link Entertainment - photo headshot

Erik Kritzer

Talent Manager, Link Entertainment

“The Greenhouse acts like a training program for anyone that wants to be in the business or has been in the business but needs to learn, find mentors, and meet more people that they can team up with. Our business can get very frustrating without having access to the above. The Greenhouse is the perfect organization to make things happen.”

Kirstin Wilder, VP / Managing Editor, Variety Magazine (1992-2016) headshot photo

Kirstin Wilder

VP / Managing Editor,
Variety Magazine (1992-2016)

“The value that The Greenhouse brings to the Hollywood community is crucial to artists as they strive to create their best work. Finding one’s tribe in the vast sea of the entertainment industry is paramount to success and sanity. The Greenhouse provides this and so much more.”

Dan Rupple, Producer & Writer, Comedian, CEO of Mastermedia - headshot photo

Dan Rupple

Producer & Writer, Comedian, CEO of Mastermedia

“For all aspiring storytellers, The Greenhouse is essential! The resources The Greenhouse team provides goes beyond fueling excellence of craft; they create a community where collaboration and relationships thrive.”

Headshot photo of producer Ralph Winter

Ralph Winter

Producer (X-Men,
Fantastic Four, Planet of the Apes)

“A great place to start and connect into Hollywood; go there to do the work of figuring out how you fit and use your best skills. The leadership and experts you meet are telling it straight.”

Headshot photo of composer, Luke Wieting

Luke Weiting


“When I moved to Los Angeles, I found my feet and my friends at The Greenhouse. This community is steadfast in it’s goal of growing artists in their abilities and their personal lives.”

Headshot photo of Filmmaker, Author, And Media Consultant, Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke

Filmmaker, Author, And
Media Consultant

“The Greenhouse is filling a critical role in Hollywood, by providing continuing education, production opportunities, and networking to thousands of up-and-coming filmmakers, producers, and creative leaders.”

Brian Godawa Screenwriter & Novelist headshot photo

Brian Godawa

Screenwriter & Novelist

“The Greenhouse is a source of great help for artists like me, not only in craft, but also in guidance and mentorship. Its approach is holistic: professional, practical, and personal. I have taught at some sessions and I have been taught — and I can honestly say there is nothing quite like it out there.”

Sean Gaffney, Film & TV Writer - headshot photo

Sean Gaffney

Film & TV Writer, Story Administrator – Warner Bros.

“A key to finding success in Hollywood — both personal and professional success — is finding a community — one that gets you, that pushes you to grow, that celebrates you, that refreshes you. The Greenhouse is the place to find that community. It is not just an oasis — it is a vital aspect of the fulfilled life of an artist.”

Headshot photo of Filmmaker, Author, And Media Consultant, Phil Cooke

David McFadzean

Producer & Writer (Home Improvement, Roseanne)

“If you have the passion to be an artist, The Greenhouse will help you bring it to life with its thriving community of talented professionals interacting with emerging artists. Their impressive lineup of industry professionals leads to the highest level of creative development and hands on experience. If you intend to develop a career in Hollywood, I truly believe The Greenhouse needs to be on your resume.”

Creative Professionals at all stages of their careers can learn, grow personally and professionally, and find community at The Greenhouse.

Flex the Creative Muscles…

Having worked in film and television for over 33 years, I can appreciate what The Greenhouse has to offer. A safe place to flex the creative muscles without fear of failing. The energy I get from this group is a real shot in my veteran arm!


– Mike Casey
Art & Set Designer

Competition is healthy…

When I first came to The Greenhouse, I was ready for more Hollywood-style, dog-eat-dog competition, and I put up many walls because of this. However, what I found was a place where the competition is healthy for growth. Now I am constantly trying new things while growing as an artist in a place that feels safe. I feel more confident in myself as a person, as well as more confident to pursue my career as an actress thanks to my experiences at The Greenhouse


– Laci Sosa

The missing link…

The Greenhouse has provided the “missing link” for me as an actor out here in Los Angeles. Although I have received a four-year degree in acting, it did not prepare me for the business side of Los Angeles and the steps to take when first arriving in the city. The Greenhouse provided the necessary steps, education, and community for me to become a professional actor.


– Shaun Pilkington

A variety of disciplines…

The support and spirit of community I’ve experienced in The Greenhouse meetings and projects has been outstanding. Here is a group of people who reach out to and care about individuals. The opportunities to branch out and explore a variety of disciplines truly make this an organization that encourages growth and development.


– Alan Garfield

Less overwhelming…

I went to a Hollywood Connect orientation session a few weeks after moving to Los Angeles… I didn’t know anyone there, but I was met with such warmth. I was deeply inspired… and really appreciated all the practical advice and personal experiences that were shared. It made Los Angeles feel just a little bit less overwhelming for me.


– Gloria Shomo
Special Effects Designer

Nurturing and supportive…

One of the greatest attributes of The Greenhouse is it creates a safe environment for artists to explore and grow creatively. The nurturing and supportive community provides the opportunity, which I have not found in any other class, forum, ministry or program


– Chris Shomo

Get feedback…

The Greenhouse gives me an opportunity to hone my craft in a nurturing and constructive environment. It’s great to have an opportunity to experiment and try new things, and then get feedback from a supportive group of artists.


– Keith Sikora

Continuously encouraged…

I don’t think I could say enough about the community I’ve found within The Greenhouse, the one place in Hollywood where I’m continuously encouraged, challenged, and endlessly inspired!


– Julie Crisante

Learning environment…

The Greenhouse is an incredible learning environment where people work, learn, and grow as a unique team. I have so much fun working with my friends on movie projects that grow through the production program… The writers’ group in The Greenhouse is composed of talented and fun people with uncontainable imaginations that turn into great pieces of work.


– Sarah Abel
Writer & Film Editor

Wonderfully unique…

I have worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for several years now, and I’ve found nothing that even compares to what The Greenhouse has to offer creative professionals in terms of artistry, community, and encouragement. It’s a wonderfully unique and effective environment.


– Holly
Film Producer

Community of great people…

When I discovered The Greenhouse, it felt like I suddenly inherited this whole new community of great people.


– Natalie MacMillan
Actress & Writer

Leadership and service…

The Greenhouse affords me the opportunity to explore the passion to serve, but within the entertainment community by serving other artists. Leadership and service are two things that The Greenhouse uses to inspire artists from all over the country and all walks of life to aspire to greatness.


– Michael Mitchell
Film Producer

Friendships & determination…

During one of the most challenging parts of my life – transitioning across the country – The Greenhouse welcomed me and gave me the friendships and determination I needed to stride forward in this industry.


– John McCoy
Film Producer

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