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It’s your story. Tell it.

It all starts with the blank page. It can take a lot of courage and dedication to be a writer of any sort, and especially so in the entertainment industry, where it seems like just about everyone is working on a script of some sort. You’re a long way from Mrs. Francis’ high school English class now, but we’ve got your back. We want you to be the very best writer you can be, so we’ve provided some solid resources just for writers below.

Catalyst Writers Group

For even more writing opportunities, make sure you check out The Catalyst Writers Group and our list of Recommended Books for writers. With the right tools and a firm commitment to apply the seat of your pants to the seat of your chair, you could just find yourself writing the next great American screenplay!

The Greenhouse Arts & Media Inc. - Catalyst Writers Group - photo of several young writers sitting in stadium seating lecture hall with white chairs surrounding an older instructor sitting on bottom step of lecture hall reviewing a piece of writing

Check out the resources below, and don’t forget to dive into our list of Recommended Books for writers. And if you run across other resources that would be good to include here, let us know!

Writers Resources

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