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Bringing Creative Artists to Life

Our mission is to maximize the potential and productivity of individuals engaged in the creative arts by equipping them in all areas of life through mentoring, community, training, and artistic projects. We seek to engage and enhance culture locally and globally through superior artwork and entertainment.

By seeking to value, serve, and equip artists and the artistic community, and by maintaining a commitment to creativity and artistic excellence, The Greenhouse provides people with the opportunity to create quality art and entertainment that explores meaning, moves emotion, sparks imagination, and enlightens the soul.

Explore meaning, move emotion, spark imagination & enlighten the soul.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our emphasis is on artistic excellence, collaboration, mentoring, and community, with a committment to developing creative professionals who are prepared to create film, television, music, new media, and other projects that explore and display truth and beauty and that effect change in the arts & entertainment industries and in the global culture.

The arts, entertainment, and media industries have a longstanding influence on people and the overall direction of our culture – either towards beauty, truth, and intellectual and spiritual freedom, or towards injustice, degradation, or corruption.

Shaping the world of mainstream arts, entertainment & media.

The Greenhouse Art & Media Inc - speaker in front of large video display showing a camera giving a workshop on film production
The Greenhouse Art & Media Inc - speaker in front of large video display showing gesticulating while giving master class on story telling
The Greenhouse Art & Media Inc - film director observing screen of live action film recording

Art is the fruit of the artist’s heart. What an artist believes shapes what he or she creates. The projects that an artist creates are a product of his or her worldview and what he or she believes about the purpose of art and beauty as it relates to humanity and culture. And those projects ultimately play a large role in shaping our society, our culture, and our values.

As such, it’s important for artists and other people to become involved in helping to shape the world of mainstream arts, entertainment and media by mentoring and serving other creative professionals, serving their communities, and developing a cohesive understanding of the role the arts & entertainment should play in our culture and society.

The Greenhouse Values

A Greenhouse is a culture

A culture is shaped by how we think and how we view reality. It’s shaped by our relationships, by the way we value people, and by the way we relate to our own giftings. It is shaped by our belief systems. All this shapes a culture.

A Greenhouse is a controlled environment of moisture, light, temperature, nutrients and pruning. This environment is maintained so that the seeds we want to grow will grow easily. That culture is what enables us to move swiftly, thoroughly, and effectively. It’s where the kinds of things we want to have happen, happen naturally. How do we protect the right seeds? We create a Greenhouse – an intentional culture and environment that embodies our values.

Explore what we value

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Creativity & Originality

We value ideas and facilitate and encourage creative ideas from everyone. It must be safe for everyone to offer ideas. We look to “plus” every idea that arrives, constantly making the ideas better for the benefit of the community.

Dreaming & Imagining Big

We value dreaming and imagination. We recognize that our limits too often are set by what we believe to be impossible, so we actively expand any self-imposed boundaries of possibility in our minds, hearts and souls. As such, we value faith.

Innovation & Problem Solving

We see obstacles as positive challenges, not negative hindrances. We start from a position that says a good idea can be done until it is proven otherwise. We value staying close to innovations happening in the academic community and the technological world. As such, we are not afraid of change.

Beauty & Truth

We are committed to discovering and communicating authentic beauty and truth in creative people and in creative projects. We believe in the redemption of a broken world, so we believe that beauty and truth can both be discovered and conveyed and is worthy of such pursuit.


We value true humility and selflessly helping creative artists to achieve their goals in their craft. We recognize that excessive pride, false humility, and oversensitive egos are all unhealthy and unrealistic in individuals and in community, and as such, only stand in the way of becoming all we can be as creative artists. While each of us has different roles and responsibilities, no person, either inside or outside The Greenhouse, is of lesser or greater value than anyone else.


There is only one standard of quality for The Greenhouse, and that is excellence. We are committed to striving for excellence as individuals, as professionals, as a community, and in our creative work and products. This is found by committing ourselves to growth on every level: creatively, intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and organizationally. Cheaper and faster are not the end goals; rather commitment to excellence, which is not to be confused with perfectionism, is at the core of everything we do.

Service & Leadership

We value and are committed to serving one another, serving our community, and serving the creative industry. By focusing on serving one another, we become stronger as individuals and as a community, and as a result, we all rise and grow together.

Respect, Trust & Honor

Trust and respect are necessary for talented people to work together. Trust and respect must be earned over time, but we intentionally strive to create an environment that nurtures trusting and respectful relationships and unleashes everyone’s creativity. We believe that each and every person is created Imago Dei – in the image of God – and as such is entitled to honor, even when confrontation is needed. Since we honor and respect one another, we encourage each other to work out disagreements and differences directly with one another before involving other people. We do not gossip, judge, or speak ill of a person behind his or her back.

Honesty, Communication & Transparency

It must be safe to tell the whole truth in The Greenhouse without fear. Healthy and respectful communication is key to our organization and to our every creative endeavor. Every person must be committed to communicating with honesty, transparency, and a complete absence of the intent to deceive. Every person must also be committed to listening to others and to striving to understand the thinking behind what is being said. We value honesty in feedback on creative projects. Everyone has the freedom to communicate with anyone, regardless of level or title. The decision-making hierarchy and communication structure in The Greenhouse are two different things. The most efficient way to deal with numerous problems is to encourage and trust people to work out the difficulties directly with each other without having to check for permission.


We value an environment that supports creative artists and encourages them to support and serve one another, and by doing so, the community as a whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. We value the promotion of one another over self-promotion. We are committed to recognizing, encouraging, and relying upon the true strengths in one another.

Self Motivation

We value the ability and the desire to take the initiative in creating, communicating, starting new projects, tackling problems and obstacles, and improving on everything undertaken.

Community & Collaboration

The Greenhouse is a community of creative people. Creativity involves a large number of people from different disciplines working effectively together to solve a great many problems. While leadership has the final responsibility for decisions, creativity must be present and welcomed at every level of every artistic and technical part of the organization. Everyone is fully invested in helping everyone else become all they were created to be and to turn out their best work. We care enough about one another and are emotionally secure enough to make our co-collaborators look good, continually “plussing” one another’s work – regardless of who gets credit and in the spirit of collaborative creativity.

Risk Taking

We must constantly challenge all our assumptions and search for the flaws that challenge creative community and collaboration. Creativity and originality are inherently risky. The job of leadership is not to prevent risk but to build the capability to recover when failures occur. As such, we must resist the natural tendency to avoid or minimize risk, but instead must become comfortable with the process of failure recovery. We leave room to try ideas. We value an environment that gives the freedom to try ideas without fear. The Greenhouse is not a fear-based culture, and we strive to remove fear as a motivator in all things.

Love & Grace

We value loving people, irrespective of race, gender, creed, background, or sexual orientation. We value showing proactive, muscular grace towards one another and the broader community, especially because we value risk-taking. When failure does occur, we attack the process, not the people.

Humor, Laughter & Play

We value healthy and timely humor, laughter and play. We believe that people who are permitted to play freely with peers develop skills for seeing another’s point of view through cooperation, helping, sharing, and solving problems in a fun atmosphere. In order for The Greenhouse to run at peak performance, we make room for fun and play, and we do not squelch healthy and timely fun out of a fear of disruption or disorder or loss of productivity.

Exploration, Discovery & Learning

It is more important to be interested than interesting. Being a successful creative artist is a journey, not just a destination. We value minds that are open to new ideas and possibilities, persistently seek answers to questions, and dig deep to find the best solutions to problems. We endeavor to break down the walls between disciplines, recognizing that doing so leads to increased creativity and ideas. As such, we encourage and facilitate training and cross-training people. We are all learning, and it is fun to learn together.

In a Greenhouse, growth is the natural effect of an intentional environment, and this leads to fruit. As such, for the creative arts and entertainment industries, we are The Greenhouse.

Impossible Isn’t.

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