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Celebrate the amazing creative endeavors the film industry generates.

Film festivals are a primary way to get your work seen by other people, and they are also a way that your film could possibly land that distribution deal of a lifetime. Even more so, festivals are a great way to meet other like-minded filmmakers and see some great (and let’s face it, at times not-so-great) films. There are literally thousands of film festivals out there, large and small.

There are some great websites already available that spend all their time providing exhaustive lists of all the festivals and the dates and submission information for each, so rather than recreate the wheel, we’ll point you to some of our favorite sites and some resources for developing your festival strategies.

Our Favorites
Film Freeway

Film Freeway

Browse through thousands of festivals around the world by name, deadlines, entry fees and more. If you are a filmmaker, you can use the site to submit your film for free (not including the festivals’ entry fees.)

Without A Box

Without A Box

Provides a browsable list of festivals and the means to submit to them, with lists of which festivals are new, hot, just announced, or currently open for submissions. It isn’t free to submit, but there are tools for promoting your film.


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