Greenhouse Programs

Creativity, Collaboration and Community in the Arts and Entertainment Industry.

the Greenhouse Studio

At The Greenhouse Studio, we interview some of the most successful professionals from the arts & entertainment industries as we explore what it takes to be an effective creative artist.

Spotlight Workshops

We host all sorts of entertainment industry workshops for creative professionals to continue to explore their crafts and to take their entertainment careers to the next level.

Hollywood Connect

Resources and networking events to help you arrive, survive and thrive.

The Creative Lab

A four week intensive course that brings actors and writers together to conceive and create short films, all while being coached and mentored.

The Filmmakers Lab

A unique experience that brings committed filmmakers together to get coaching and mentoring by industry professionals!

Catalyst Writers Group

A collaborative group talented and experienced writers who are dedicated to helping each other grow creatively and taking their skills and projects to the next level.