What we do.

Bringing artists to life with creativity, collaboration and community.

The Greenhouse began in 2007 as a small group of artists who wanted to collaborate creatively, to explore the intersection of their own talents with the broader arts & entertainment industries, and to serve one another and their community. As word spread, the group quickly expanded, attracting creative artists of all sorts with an environment that intentionally fosters encouragement, generosity, service, creativity, and open dialogue on topics that cover all aspects of life—the creative, physical, intellectual, emotional, professional, relational, spiritual, and more.

Directory of Creative Artists

We offer a directory of creative artists where you can create a profile, get a listing in our directory and have access to a number of benefits that will help in the industry.

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John Over
Emmy Award Winning Animation Producer, Director & Designer

John Over

The Greenhouse is a shining example of what the creative community in Los Angeles could and should be doing to nurture and support new talentin the business of storytelling! Shun Lee and the members of his creative team put a warm and responsive face on a business that often seems faceless and unresponsive. There is no limit to how effective The Greenhouse could be! How we tell our stories is evolving, quickly–come be a part of defining this new world with your creative family at The Greenhouse.

Over 9,000 creatives have been impacted by The Greenhouse and its programs since 2007.

Our Programs

As The Greenhouse has grown, it has taken on a number of programs aimed at various segments of the creative arts & entertainment industries, including Hollywood Connect, The Spotlight Workshops, the Entertainment Alliance Mentoring Program, The Creative Lab, The Filmmakers Lab, and The Greenlight Exchange. All of them are geared toward equipping creative professionals and serving the broader community and culture.

Hollywood Connect

Resources and networking events to help you arrive, survive and thrive.

The Creative Lab

A four week intensive course that brings actors and writers together to conceive and create short films, all while being coached and mentored.

The Filmmakers Lab

A unique experience that brings committed filmmakers together to get coaching and mentoring by industry professionals!

Catalyst Writers Group

A collaborative group talented and experienced writers who are dedicated to helping each other grow creatively and taking their skills and projects to the next level.

Create a Profile

A community all about bringing creative artists to life. Get listed in our directory as an individual, business or student.

Spotlight Workshops

We host all sorts of entertainment industry workshops for creative professionals to continue to explore their crafts and to take their entertainment careers to the next level.