Lisa Rodríguez

Born and raised in the City of Angels, Lisa Rodríguez is the third generation of her family to work in the entertainment industry. She always had a love for performing and got her first taste of it at the historic Angelus Temple singing and acting for live audiences of over 1,000. Lisa graduated from UCLA with a degree in Classical Civilization, but first studied Marine Biology.

She has performed in various film, theater, commercial, and voiceover productions. When not performing, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family & friends, learning, sharpening her archery skills, reading/collecting Rogue X-Men comics, and one of her earliest & most passionate loves, The Legend of Zelda. Lisa is also a contributor to Joseph Gordon Levitt’s and hitRECord TV, which garnered an Emmy. She has lent her to voice to the PIHOP Worthy of It All album and as part of the simulcasted performance with the Azusa Now choir at the LA Coliseum.

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