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This exclusive writers group is made up of talented and experienced writers who are dedicated to helping each other grow creatively and take their skills and projects to the next level.

Sheryl Anderson, the talented showrunner of Sweet Magnolias (Netflix), is leading the Catalyst Writers Group, along with writer Anthony Epling (Suits, Beauty & the Beast) and a team of industry mentors she is gathering together to provide this new approach for writers to get high-quality feedback, recommendations, and input for their creative work.

Each participant gets to be part of a genre group – sitcoms, short films, feature films, novels, poetry, or whatever you're writing – so you know you’re working with other writers who are specifically focused on your genre.

Submit your pages to your fellow group members each month, let everyone know what kind of feedback you're looking for, and get the entire group’s input and recommendations. Through Catalyst, you stay accountable in your writing and get valuable feedback on your work.

And all the Catalyst participants will be mentored by professional writers and showrunners from the entertainment industry, so you're going to be guided by an expert in the genre you're working on!

Taking part in the Catalyst Writers Group is free of charge for Greenhouse members, although there are a few requirements that can be taken care of with just few easy clicks:

  1. Get your annual Greenhouse membership. Along with the opportunity to take part in Catalyst, you also receive many other membership benefits, including big discounts on Spotlight Workshops and other events, access to job boards, premium content & creative services, and your own member's page in our rapidly growing Creative Directory.
  2. Attend the free Spotlight Workshop. Sheryl Anderson and Anthony Epling lead Don't Burn Your Bridges Before You Build Them! via Zoom conference. This free workshop is a prerequisite to taking part in Catalyst. Contact us at to get more info.
  3. Submit your application to join Catalyst. Apply to participate in the Catalyst Writers Group, letting us know a bit about you, what you're working on, and what type of genre group you're looking for by clicking on one of the registration buttons below.

We're excited to collaborate and grow with you! We believe every writer has something important to say and that everyone needs and deserves the encouragement and support to make that happen. If excellence is your goal, the Catalyst Writers Group is for you.

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Amy Tan

Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.


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Producer [X-Men, Fantastic Four, Planet of the Apes]

Ralph Winter

The Greenhouse is a great place to start and connect into Hollywood; go there to do the work of figuring out how you fit and use your best skills. The leadership and experts you meet are telling it straight.