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Writing With the Ear

Writing With the Ear

Write with your ears instead of your eyes. These eight words are a key to successful writing. Really.  When you read copy aloud, your ear will catch excess words, awkward phrasing, and jargon that your eye misses. After ...
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New Year – No Fear

The following article was written in January 2016. Fear. How is it that one word can be so crippling? So ...

The Month of Too Much Pink

Oh, February. The month of too much pink. First off, I’d like to start by confessing to you that I am a ...
The History of Sequels In Film

The History of Sequels In Film

The Greenhouse Web Series exists as a resource for creative professionals both in and out of the entertainment ...
Review: Eddie the Eagle

Review: Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle soars high even amidst a by-the-numbers plot that can be derived from any of the last 32 boxing ...

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