Introduction to The Greenlight Exchange

My name is Becky Murdoch, and I’m the Director for The Greenlight Exchange, one of the programs here at The Greenhouse. As with any new blog or website you visit, the first thing you probably want to know is what ...

10 Common Mistakes in Screenplays

Today at The Greenhouse, Katie and John talk through ten common mistakes that writers make when writing their screenplays – and that you'll want to avoid when creating your masterpiece! The Greenhouse exists ...

Film Festivals 101

Today, Phillip talks through all the ins and outs of submitting your film to festivals both nationally and internationally, along with all the things you want to make sure you do – and don't do.

Making Strong Choices as a Voiceover Actor

In previous columns, I’ve written a lot about the logistics of doing voiceover. From ways to get the best sound from your voice and your mic to what kind of V/O jobs are even available to you. This month I’d like ...

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