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No matter what you do in the creative industries – whether you're a creative professional, a student, or a business – a Creative Directory membership provides you with the tools and opportunities to take you to the next level, with access to job postings, vendor discounts, premium content, exclusive events, and even your own page to promote yourself and connect you to other creatives around the world.

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Creative Directory membership gives you access to:

Discounts on Greenhouse events, workshops, and services

Premium content from high-level industry professionals

Your own directory page for your photos, demo reel, contact info, and more

The Greenhouse Job boards, with creative employment opportunities from all over

A database of creative professionals of all disciplines and locations, searchable by filter

Exclusive offers from third-party businesses, vendors, and events

Creative Professional

No matter where you're at in your career, a Creative Professional membership will provide you with the tools and opportunities to take you to the next level. Our annual membership is just $100 a year (a $20 savings)!


A Business Membership gets you access to all the great content and tools and puts your business in front of creative professionals around the world. Provide sponsorships for Greenhouse events and discounts to members to highlight everything you offer. 


You're learning everything you can to launch your dream career. With tuition costing what it does, we want to make it easy for you to get started with The Greenhouse and all it has to offer. Just provide proof of current enrollment and get a huge discount for a Student Membership.

Award-winning screenwriter & best-selling novelist

Brian Godawa

The Greenhouse is a source of great help for artists like me, not only in craft, but also in guidance and mentorship. Its approach is holistic: professional, practical, and personal. I have taught at some sessions and I have been taught—and I can honestly say there is nothing quite like it out there.

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Filmmaker, media consultant, and author

Phil Cooke

The Greenhouse is filling a critical role in Hollywood, by providing continuing education, production opportunities, and networking to thousands of up-and-coming filmmakers, producers, and creative leaders.