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Interview with Shun Lee Fong (part 2)

Interview with Shun Lee Fong (part 2)

This week Becky Murdoch continues talking with Shun Lee, actor, writer, and President & Creative Director of The Greenhouse. Q: How has your perspective changed since you moved tOhollywood? A: I think my perspective has changed at least on one level: To begin to see how very complex the artist is.  The commercial side tOhollywood […]

Interview: Becky Murdoch

Here is an opportunity to get to know Becky Murdoch, who is The Greenhouse’s Director of The Greenlight Exchange, a grassroots fund for the arts. Q: Why did you decide to come tOhollywood? A: I have always wanted to live in Los Angeles, at least since I was old enough to know what Los Angeles […]

Interview: Logan Huggins

We wanted to give all of you a chance to get to know some of the leadership team members and volunteers at The Greenhouse. The following is an interview with Logan Huggins, who is a Coordinator at Relativity Television and a member of The Greenhouse Leadership Team: Q: So, Logan… why Hollywood? A: For me, […]

Interview: Lisa Rodriguez

This week we’ve had the opportunity to interview Lisa Rodriguez. As you’ll see, Lisa works in various aspects of the Entertainment Industry and volunteers with The Greenhouse – a lot. Q: What do you do? A: I’m a performer, so I’m an actress and singer. I also do background or crew work as a production […]