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Get to know Shun Lee, President & Creative Director of The Greenhouse

Get to know Shun Lee, President & Creative Director of The Greenhouse

Perhaps you’re an alumnus of The Greenhouse and have participated in one of the Creative Lab courses or the Writers Group. This could even be your first time checking out the nonprofit organization which equips artists to create quality projects that enhance both local and global culture. Either way, it’s important to know the people […]

The Greenhouse Studio: Jen Lilley on Balancing Art & Business

In this clip of The Greenhouse Studio, actor and host Shun Lee sits down with actress Jen Lilley (Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Book of Esther) to discuss the balance between art and business required for creative professionals. Guest: Jen Lilley Hosted by: Shun Lee Camera Operators: Jordan Colley, Drew Lahat, Gary Plante […]

Interview: Sarah Abel

This week at The Greenhouse Journal, we get tOhear from Sarah Abel. Sarah is a longtime member of the creative leadership team at The Greenhouse where she leads The Writers Group. Q: Why Hollywood? A: I studied cinema and theater at the University of Iowa and produced television shows for a college group called Student […]

Interview: Cortney Matz

This week, Becky Murdoch got to talk to the multi-talented Cortney Matz about the importance of music and how that reflects God in her life. Q: What do you do, as an artist and for a living? A: My eyes are bigger than my stomach in my desire to be in the world doing different […]

Interview with Shun Lee Fong (part 2)

Interview with Shun Lee Fong (part 2)

This week Becky Murdoch continues talking with Shun Lee, actor, writer, and President & Creative Director of The Greenhouse. Q: How has your perspective changed since you moved tOhollywood? A: I think my perspective has changed at least on one level: To begin to see how very complex the artist is.  The commercial side tOhollywood […]

Interview: Becky Murdoch

Here is an opportunity to get to know Becky Murdoch, who is The Greenhouse’s Director of The Greenlight Exchange, a grassroots fund for the arts. Q: Why did you decide to come tOhollywood? A: I have always wanted to live in Los Angeles, at least since I was old enough to know what Los Angeles […]

Interview: Logan Huggins

We wanted to give all of you a chance to get to know some of the leadership team members and volunteers at The Greenhouse. The following is an interview with Logan Huggins, who is a Coordinator at Relativity Television and a member of The Greenhouse Leadership Team: Q: So, Logan… why Hollywood? A: For me, […]

Interview: Lisa Rodriguez

This week we’ve had the opportunity to interview Lisa Rodriguez. As you’ll see, Lisa works in various aspects of the Entertainment Industry and volunteers with The Greenhouse – a lot. Q: What do you do? A: I’m a performer, so I’m an actress and singer. I also do background or crew work as a production […]