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The most boring page on our website? Maybe. But there are some pretty important resources here that will serve you well in your entertainment career, including information on film commissions, tax incentives, and more. Take a look at what your tax dollars are paying for so you can have this adventure in Georgia's entertainment industry.

Association of Film Commissioners International: This technically isn’t a government organization, but it lists all the governmental film commissions (municipal, state & federal) around the world.

Atlanta Dept. of City Parks: Want to shoot a film in a city park? You should probably start here.

Georgia Film Office
: For over 40 years, the Georgia Film Office has been engaged in bringing film and television production to Georgia. The office maintains a locations database of thousands of properties, and provides scouting assistance as well as certifying projects for available tax incentives. You can access filming permits for all the major counties in the Atlanta Metro Area on this website.

Georgia Production Partnership: Helping protect tax incentive for the state of Georgia. If you are a member of the Georgia entertainment industry or you are interested in supporting the job growth that this industry is bringing to our state, you should become a GPP Member.

Tax Incentives: Want to see what the tax incentives are for filming in various states and countries around the world –– including incentives in Georgia? This is the place to look.