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The most boring page on our website? Maybe. But there are some pretty important resources here that will serve you well in your entertainment career, including information on film commissions, tax incentives, and more. Take a look at what your tax dollars are paying for so you can have this adventure in Hollywood.

Association of Film Commissioners International: This technically isn’t a government organization, but it lists all the governmental film commissions (municipal, state & federal) around the world.

California Film Commission: A site worth looking at for info on tax incentives, locations, permits, and more.

California Department of Industrial Relations: Offering a detailed list of cases between creative professionals and talent agents (or managers pretending to be agents).

Film L.A.: This isn’t actually a governmental agency, but this organization will help you navigate the process of getting film permits and meeting the legal requirements for shooting in the city. Seriously, the city’s website just links straight to them.

L.A. Department of Recreation & Parks: Want to shoot a film in a city park? You should probably start here.

L.A. Economic & Workforce Development Department: Provides info about tax incentives for filming in the City of L.A., a Dedicated Citywide Filming Coordinator and Industry Liaison, and downtown parking lots available for filming, plus other city filming info.

Orange County Film Commission: For filming just a little to the south of Los Angeles.

Santa Clarita Film Office: Just north of Los Angeles, these good folks will help you with the film permit requirements of the area.

Tax Incentives: Want to see what the tax incentives are for filming in various states and countries around the world? This is the place to look.

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