10 Things Creatives Are Thankful For

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Journal

As creatives, we have a unique outlook on life and the things that bring us joy, so with the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to take a moment and reflect on things we are grateful for.


When your favorite coffee shop seat is open.

I keep insisting to the barista that this seat is reserved but she keeps putting “reserved” in air quotes.

Abandoned props and used set furniture.

A lime green peacock-shaped chair that matches nothing and has a broken leg? Why yes, I do need a chair for my studio apartment.

Cash apps and the itemized split.

I ate one piece of cheese off that $500 charcuterie board, let’s split accordingly.

The humble brag.

It’s so embarrassing how my writing teacher keeps raving about my spec script.

To-go boxes at crafty.

Is that a bag of croissants? I guess I can cross bread off my grocery list.

Uber passengers that don’t ask if you have worked on anything they’ve seen/heard of.

I dunno, have you seen the thirteenth minute of that B movie my hand made an appearance in?

Unspoken language of understanding among creatives.

My mom asked me what my job is again… I keep telling her that DoorDash Is just my survival gig. My real profession is creating beauty in a mundane world of characters lacking vibrancy. Obviously.

5-Hour energy drinks.

If it can keep the driver of a 10-ton truck awake at night, it can get me through 32 takes of this ten-page monologue done in a bad British accent.

The day you finally achieve success after a series of character-building failures.

I have character, so much character, it’s really too much character.

Not peaking in high school.

To all the misfits who refuse to let their acne prone years define them.

• • •

Stephanie Purcell decided she liked making fun of the news more than she did producing it after an opportunity on The Late Show. Since then, her comedy writing has been published in The Haven, Robot Butt and more. Her sketches have won awards at NYC Comedy Shorts Festival, All the Laughs, and the Georgia Comedy Film Festival. Connect with her about the randomly absurd and her love of self-deprecating humor on her X page.

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