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Show business is exactly that: a business. You’re responsible for your career and everything that goes with it, including forming the team that will handle legal issues, taxes, and more. While we can’t make specific recommendations for lawyers, accountants, or other professionals, we can provide the resources that will help you to find those people. Check these out, do your homework carefully, and you’ll be on your way to forming the team that will take your career to new levels.



There are a lot of physician referral services available online, and it is important that you find a medical provider who will work well with your specific issues, not to mention your health insurance. Be sure to take the time to find the physician who is right for you, starting here and working with other referral services.

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Whatever legal issues you have to deal with, the most important one is finding a good attorney. Stash your collection of lawyer jokes away for a bit and find the lawyer who will best suit your needs from this referral service – even entertainment lawyers to help you with your film projects and contracts.

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The next time you’re looking for someone who enjoys being down in the mouth (ahem, sorry), be sure to check out this dentist referral service. Don’t be afraid to get quotes for different procedures from a number of dentists until you find the one you feel comfortable examining your pearly whites.

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Los Angeles is an expensive place to live and work, and In order to stay in the entertainment industry, you’ve got to make sure your accounts are always in order and your taxes paid. And that can get complex at times. Find a qualified accountant who will handle your paperwork and who will point you in the right directions financially.

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Counseling & Therapy

To be the creative professional you were born to be, you’ve got to make sure you stay healthy on every level – even emotionally. The entertainment industry is a stressful place, and many artists & professionals make sure they stay on top of their game by taking advantage of the services of counselors and therapists.

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