The World of Television Ratings

March 29, 2016 by

The Greenhouse Web Series exists as a resource for creative professionals both in and out of the entertainment industry. Each episode, a different member of The Greenhouse dives into a unique and fascinating area of the entertainment industry. SUBSCRIBE to The Greenhouse for future installments!

In this episode of The Greenhouse, actor Shaun Pilkington, explores the world of television ratings. This episode is sponsored by Slightly Electronics. Remember, Slightly Electronics – “Yesterday’s Electronics at Today’s Prices!”

Cast & Crew
Hosted by: Shaun Pilkington
Created & Written by: Logan Huggins
Executive Producers: Shun Lee Fong & John McMillan
Directed by: Logan Huggins
Key Grip: Chuck Hayes
Intro & Outro Motion Graphics: Mark Grossardt
Editor: Logan Huggins

Filmed in Studio City, California, USA
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